Policy Researcher

Updated on: 14 May 2017
Flexible 34 hrs

Project Goal:

In the area of Federal Policy for Higher Education Cost and Tuition, I’d like to know what leading conservative and free-market white papers propose to reduce the cost and price or college tuition.

Project Description:  

The project will be completed in phases, with payment at the completion of each milestone:

Milestone 1: Create project bibliography

  • Using the bibliography template provided, complete a list of the 30-60 most relevant white-papers along with authoring think-tank, research institution or government institution. Please note that several research institutes such as AEI and Third Way will have published more than one relevant white paper, all of which must be included in this project. I have started this list in the provided bibliography template.
  • Payment for completion of milestone 1 will be $200, provided that all items in the bibliography are full-white papers from relevant institutions addressing this topic, omitting no relevant institutions. Questions on this are welcome and expected. We will work together to make sure this is successful! :)
  • Upon completion, I will review the bibliography and rank the top 10-15 white-paper in order of priority.

Milestone 2 through 17: Executive summaries

  • Based on the project bibliography, I will select 10-15 white-papers and rank them in order of priority.
  • For the first prioritized entry in the bibliography, complete a 1-3 page executive summary according to the provided executive summary template.
  • Payment for completion of each executive summary will be $80 if the executive summary is comprehensive and well-written and $100 if the executive summary is comprehensive, concise and distilled such that a comparison of each white-papers is clear and accurate.
  • Executive summaries should be sent one-at-a-time, with feedback given by me before starting on the next executive summary.
  • Researcher can choose to do as few or many executive summaries as they’d like.  


  • Milestone 1: $200
  • Milestone 2 - 17: $80 - $100 per milestone
  • Project total: $1400 - $1700

Expected time:

  • Milestone 1: 2 - 6 hours
  • Milestone 2 though 17: 1 - 3 hours each

Desired skills

Writing / Content Creation

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