Online ESL Teacher

Updated on: 01 May 2017
Flexible 7 hrs/wk
Remote International students can apply

This teacher will be an experienced student-educator, experienced in effectively presenting and delivering high quality lessons using cutting edge technology and curricula. This individual will work well with members of different cultures within the teaching and support teams, coordinating resources to create the optimal classroom environment.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Uphold the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility as a representative of Federal IELTS.

2. Plan and teach lessons that meet course syllabus goals and objectives using Federal IELTS technology and methodology.

3. Implement technological and pedagogical cutting edge techniques to optimize class effectiveness.

4. Manage and develop a positive online classroom culture to create a welcoming, open, and positive learning environment.

5. Vary class instruction, activities and resource usage in order to maximize learning opportunities for each class. 

6. Use Federal IELTS assessment standards to properly support and provide feedback to students.

7. Write student reports and participate in teacher-parent meetings when necessary.


1. Native English speaker with at least 100 college credits and a minimum of one year teaching/tutoring experience.

2. Excellent understanding and applicable experience in class management and lesson planning.

3. A professional and positive demeanor present in communicating with each member of the Federal IELTS organization.

4. Effective communication in meetings and correspondence with students, parents, and colleagues.

5. Concise time-management and multi-tasking skills used in classes with varying student ages.

6. Clear and concise presentation in class with appeal to students of every culture and age.

Required Documentation:

1. CV (Name/Gender/Nationality) with a front photo (ID photo preferred);

2. Cover Letter specifically stating why you are a fit for our organization;

3. Copies of teaching and educational certifications;

Desired skills


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