Hiring TikTok Influencers to post TikTok content for our brands

Updated on: 24 Sep 2021
Flexible 12 months, 1 hr/wk

PLEASE APPLY VIA THIS LINK: https://forms.gle/CjSizBQwY6Axn3Z46

Please link your Tiktok account in your cover letter for full consideration.

Are you a Gen-Z looking to make some extra bread? Do you spend endless amounts of time watching TikTok videos? Do you like posting lit vids on TikTok? Do you like flexing ya fits on the net? Well look no further, we gotchu! Swaypay is looking for TikTokers and content creators to post QUALITY content for us.

What is Swaypay?

Swaypay is a new app that turns your TikToks into 5% - 100% back on your purchases from brands like Nike, Fenty, Champion, Urban Outfitters and more. However well your TikTok does is however much you get back.

What we’re looking for

In preparation for our launch, we’re looking for people who are really good at TikTok to get the word out about Swaypay. Simply post your purchases using #swaypay in the caption and we’ll pay you.

Pay per view:

500 views = $2

1k views = $5

2k views= $7

5k views= $12

10k views = $20

50k views= $60

100k views = $110

Earning over $110 possible for higher quality posts.

Desired skills

Brand Ambassador

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