Paid intern for IT Dept help

Updated on: 03 Jun 2021
Flexible 3 months, 40 hrs/wk

We are looking to add a paid intern to our IT dept for systems management (create/disable accounts in Office 365 system, record/update site information in helpdesk system), and basic data entry (update employee and site information in Office 365 system).

There will be other opportunities to work on IT projects as they come in, we have about 20 locations and close to 800 employees, adding new sites every couple of months so there are several IT requests coming in if you are able and/or interested on working on anything more challenging.

We have several locations if you are interested in working at one of our sites, remote work is an option if you are able to be productive at home, our primary need is to get all employee and site information added to our Office 365 system and then we can explore further projects after that.

Desired skills

Excel / Data Entry
Computer Programming
General Office Help

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