Growth Hacker

Updated on: 02 Feb 2021
Flexible 1 months, 10 hrs/wk

Growth Hacker for the n90 app.

We've got the app, designer and developer. We will give you a $2k budget to see what you can do in 30 days. Show ROI for that and we can add more to the budget and continue the engagement!


We have a new app on the app store and we are looking for someone to drive downloads.

We are looking for a growth hacker to think outside the box. Using  a $2k budget find, drive as many downloads as possible to the app in 30 days. Success is measured on performance and the number of paid subscriptions.

This person needs to demonstrate an understanding of marketing, unconventional thinking, and hustle.

We have a designer in house and a CTO. We can make custom ad copy and any changes as needed.

Expected hours would be up to 5 to 10 hours a week for 4 to 5 weeks. We are remote so those hours can be whenever. If the Campaign is successful then we will continue the engagement beyond 30 days.

Desired skills

Social Media Marketing
Marketing / Promotions

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