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Updated on: 21 Jan 2021
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Our marketing firm needs a professional Web Designer with experience in WordPress content management systems to take over the graphic and user interface design of our website.  We want to talk to you if your portfolio includes clean, modern, responsive websites with excellent navigational structures and detailed linking. 

I’m looking to develop an online database (think like google drive situation), where users can login and be able to access and download the information that’s within the database. The info will likely just consist of PDFs, but if it’s pretty easy to develop the site in a way that I can upload multiple types of files, (.doc, .mp4, audio files, etc) that would be good just in case things change in the future. I would like for the users to be able to search for certain key words (which either exist within the documents, or match the “tags” that I have tagged the documents with), and it would be great if those words come up as highlighted (like they would in a Google Search) if they exist within a document. I would need some sort of admin access which allows me to add/subtract documents to the database and “tag” them with certain things. I need the information to be well-protected so it can’t be hacked, because the info within that database is literally the lifeblood of my company. I would also like the website to have just a regular 'ole home page that has our promotional video up top, and below that, a text box which describes what we do, and below that, a carousel of a few images.


  • Create PSDs for visual layout of web pages and convert each design into HTML and CSS
  • Maintain and update all JQuery plugins for website
  • Implement and maintain high-quality SEO policies and incorporate them with content produced for the website
  • Remove any “dead” links immediately and respond to issues with site functionality
  • Create mock-ups for proposed project pages and update them as needed


  • 2+ years’ professional (paid) web design experience
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Graphic Design or related field, or 3+ years’ additional experience
  • Knowledge of content marketing a plus
  • Proficiency with web forms
  • Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator skills
  • Knowledge of WordPress standards and functionality
  • Professional portfolio with at least 5 designs for internal review

Desired skills

Website Development
Adobe Design Suite

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