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Updated on: 29 Jun 2020
Flexible 6 months, 3 hrs/wk Duke University University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Penn State University (Main Campus) University of Maryland (College Park) Alabama State University Fayetteville State University (NC) UNC Asheville UNC Wilmington University of Virginia Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Wake Technical Community College
United States

Vector Rideshare, the outward-facing app of SchoolPool LLC, is a university carpooling platform connecting students and faculty on the rides they are taking or plan to make typically for longer iatnce (25+ minute) trips. Through a “Tri-Vet” security system, headlined by a minimal requirement of a “.Edu” email, riders and drivers can feel secure about traveling for longer distance rides with others in this university network. Vector Rideshare, in effect, is the Airbnb of carpooling, as drivers are able to sell the individual seats of their car for set prices determined by our algorithm to those within the university community. Vector Rideshare is provided to the university community through a mobile application that allows for efficient trip creation and ordering, both on-demand or months in advance if desired.

We are searching for undergraduate or graduate students with cars on campus that want to earn money while driving to any destination they desire. In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we will be providing masks for our riders and drivers. You will be required to post a trip in the app once a week, during which time a user may or may not seek to travel with you. In either event, we will pay you a basal fee for each trip posted, and you stand to earn money for the trip itself depending on if a student elects to travel with you. The budget price listed is the pay you will receive per trip posted.


Must be a current university student, faculty, or employee.

Must own a car no older than 2010.

Must meet all safety requirements as outlined in the Vector Rideshare app.

Desired skills

Accounting / Bookkeeping

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