Content Writing for Website Creation

Updated on: 17 Jun 2020
17 Jun 2020 1 months, 10 hrs/wk
Remote International students can apply

Hello! I'm searching for someone to create content for a Art Studio website we are creating. There are two parts to this project. First (roughly 1200 words), I will ask you to create an 'about us' paragraph to really grab our reader, pushing them to begin the project of their dreams and put their trust in us to have it completed properly and in a timely manner, etc.(600 of the 1200 words). whereafter I will provide pictures of finished projects and will need you to "sell" the picture to visiting website customers, describing in detail our job well done and what we can provide(i.e. beautiful handcrafted sculpture, Paintings, etc.). Second (roughly 800 words), I will need you to describe our process of doing things. For example... we will ask the customer what they are looking for, then we will create a blueprint etc. We want to make the customer feel comfortable with making that initial call to our business. I'm basically looking for someone to fill content, as the more content on the website the better it will be recognized by search engines, however I am not a great writer and have trouble running on about the same topics without using 'great' or 'spectacular' over and over. Show me some sparkle!

I will also be requiring that you have SEO experience as I will want you to use keywords. Total project: 1200 + 800 = 2000 words

Desired skills

Writing / Content Creation

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