Market research for behavioral health app - find interviewees

Updated on: 05 Apr 2020
06 Mar 2020 5 hrs

My team and I are working on a mental health app for students (high school and college) with anxiety and adjustment disorders. Research shows that anxiety, depression, stress, family issues, academic issues, and relationship issues were the 6 most common reasons students visited college/university counseling centers, which are usually under-resourced for dealing with this volume. We are hoping to create an app-based coping mechanism to help address this issue and are looking to interview the following for initial designs and UX:

  1. School or college counselors who have dealt with these students and can discuss their organization's priorities, desires, and constraints (2 professionals)
  2. Students with anxiety, adjustment disorders, and other transient stress that they feel impact performance (10-15 students)

Your job is to help us recruit these individuals for an online 60-minute interview that will take place end of March or in April. You can recruit these interviewees from your network and your current school. There will be additional opportunities for involvement, internships, or employment for outstanding candidates. 

Desired skills

Marketing / Promotions
Market Research
Lead Generation
Cold Calling

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