Commission-Based, Fully-Autonomous Sales/Marketing Position

Updated on: 04 Dec 2019
Flexible Permanent, 5 hrs/wk

I'm a software developer who has done a lot of freelance web/mobile development in the past and I'm starting a company to build simple websites for business owners who are still struggling to get a presence on the web. 

I think there are a couple niches available to target, but I'm looking for someone to run the sales/marketing side of the business. I'm looking for someone scrappy who can bring clients to me and doesn't need to be told what to do. 

Ideally this person would be self-directed and is looking for the following things:  

- Full autonomy

- Work from wherever you want

- Work as much as you want

- Gain sales/marketing experience

- Make a little cash 

I would like to do a commission-based payment structure and each marketer will make something around $300/client they bring in. If you have very little sales/marketing experience (or none) or you're looking for a side-hustle, this is the job for you! 

There would be no other benefits outside of the $300/client that you bring in. This site made me fill in an expected hourly rate, but ignore that. It's totally dependent on how much time it takes you to bring in a client! 

If you're interested,  let me know! 

Desired skills

Social Media Marketing
Marketing / Promotions

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