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Updated on: 18 Sep 2019
18 Sep 2019 12 months, 10 hrs/wk Columbia University Duke University Harvard University Brown University Penn (Univ of Pennsylvania) Princeton MIT Yale University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Penn State University (Main Campus) University of Maryland (College Park) University of Illinois (Chicago) University of Wisconsin (Madison) University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Ohio State University (Columbus) University of Washington (Seattle) Rice University University of Texas (Austin) University of Southern California Berkeley (UC) California Institute of Technology Carnegie Mellon University Cornell College Georgia Institute of Technology Purdue University Stanford University UCLA UCSD Urbana-Champaign (Univ of IL) University of Toronto University of Massachusetts Amherst
Remote International students can apply

Rooftop Slushie

Rooftop Slushie is a fast growing technology startup that connects first-time job seekers with established professionals to acquire information vital in the hiring process. Our Q&A career advice platform allows users to ask verified employees about the interview process, interview questions, resume review, salary, offer evaluation and other career-related topics.

We're looking for a passionate and driven student who is currently enrolled in a university. If you are interested in gaining experience by working at a startup, this is a great opportunity for you.

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  • Part-time hourly rate for marketing activities
  • Bonuses for achieved targets


  • Flexible schedule
  • Work closely with our Business Development team and gain experience.
  • Chance for a full time job at the end of the program.
  • Recommendation letter and referral to your dream company.

Who you might be:

  • Passionate and self-motivated person who can make things happen.
  • A self-proclaimed “Growth Hacker”.
  • A college junior or senior looking to gain tangible experience promoting a product with excellent product/market fit.


  • Current full-time student
  • Studying or Developing Skills in Computer Science, Business Administration, Product or UI/UX Design, Marketing or related
  • Affiliation with campus clubs or social groups
  • Strong command of English, both written and verbal
  • Experience working as a brand manager or writing blog posts is a plus

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Desired skills

Brand Ambassador

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