Campus Rep - Head of Product

Updated on: 16 Jul 2020
17 Sep 2019 1 months, 10 hrs/wk Columbia University Fordham University NYU Harvard University Johns Hopkins MIT Yale Syracuse University Adelphi University Ohio State University (Columbus) University of Southern California Berkeley (UC) Columbia College Georgia Tech-Atlanta Technical College Miami University (OH) Stanford University UCLA West Virginia State University
Remote International students can apply

About this Job

After a 30 minute call with the Jetpack CEO to understand the history of the product and go through a product demo, the fun begins. You'll be responsible for user testing the product in your dorm and recommending product improvements/new features. While you will be responsible for getting at least 30 people in your dorm to download the app, create a post and respond to a post, the most important part of the role is helping us gain insights around what features would drive more excitement college students.

We're looking for someone who is

  • currently living in a dorm building or community house on a college campus
  • looking to add startup experience to their resume
  • extremely driven and self-motivated
  • creative and innovative
  • interesting in growing their own startup in the future
  • knows how to reach people within their dorm building (email, group chat, etc.)
  • can sell the benefits of a product
  • pivots to new strategies when something isn't working

About Jetpack, Inc.

Jetpack allows you to reach anyone in your building for all your needs.

On every college campus, students need certain products right away! During these moments, stores are either too far or closed, or students just don't have the time or energy to travel. Traditional delivery platforms take too long because students and professionals are located in buildings or on campuses not easily accessible by the public. 

Our mobile app allows students to ask for last minute items that they need right away. After placing a request on our platform, Jetpack will ask other students in your area if they can help you out. Whether it’s a late night energy drink or some sunscreen, students are able to get their last minute orders fulfilled in record speed. 

Jetpack is a venture-backed, seed-stage technology company that envisions a world where people have access to the products they need in minutes. We aspire to become the premier peer-to-peer platform that enables hyper-local sharing and commerce. We’ve put together a phenomenal team of passionate, high-energy, intelligent team players who are dedicated to one another’s growth. Jetpack launched in 2017 with a simple mission: Use the power of community to fuel the world.

Desired skills

Marketing / Promotions

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