Payroll Clerk

Updated on: 05 Sep 2019
Flexible Permanent, 45 hrs/wk Western Sydney university
Remote International students can apply

In this position, you will work with the payroll team to ensure that all employees get their paychecks delivered accurately and on time. Your knowledge and experience with payroll taxes and deductions are vital in order to be successful in this role. It is also essential to have a solid understanding of employee attendance procedures and leave arrangements. You will make payroll adjustments, audits, voids, direct deposits and termination checks. With your department, you will also prepare payroll reports that detail wages and labor costs to the company. 


• Process bi-weekly payroll for all employees by using timesheets, leave requests, hourly wage rates and other possible adjustments. 

• Manage tax and withholding records and deductions for all federal, state, local or other corporate taxes that affect payroll amounts 

• Set up each individual new hire with all the necessary forms, including direct deposit requests, wage verification, I-9 information and W-4 reports. 

• Communicate payroll and tax updates to employees and management via newsletter or email on an as-needed basis.


• Four or more years of experience in a payroll department 

• Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance or similar field 

• Strong knowledge of federal and state tax regulations 

• Ability to operate accounting and payroll software programs

Desired skills

Accounting / Bookkeeping
Customer Service

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