Marketing Specialist

Updated on: 18 Aug 2019
Flexible 6 months, 10 hrs/wk Emory University Georgia College & State University Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia State University Kennesaw State University
Atlanta, GA, United States

We’re looking for student market research, specifically by active students at the Atlanta areas schools: The University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Emory and Kennesaw State acting in a researcher and product development capacity.

As a student researcher, we will be asking you to provide information, insights and feedback on our the product and student customers we’re looking to engage and provide services to.


Some of the core information we’re looking for (collected via google shared doc):

  1. A listing of student living configurations. The various types of dormitories, rooms, apartments, houses and any other living spaces students occupy on and around campus. 

  2. A basic inventory of the contents of each of the living configurations - appliances, furniture, electronics, personal belongings etc

  3. Distance to main entrance and curb (stairs, elevators, number of floors, any constraints) from the living spaces.

  4. Storage needs - specifically over summer break, but also in general (containers, bins, bags).

Some of the insights we’re looking for:

  1. Storage needs for the summer break.

  2. Paint points with existing storage services

  3. The best way to provide storage service - which container type and size, timeliness of pickup and drop off etc.

  4. Ways to engage students with storage offerings

Some of the feedback we’re looking for:

  1. Work sessions reviewing the current service offering

  2. UX/UI design sessions - survey based feedback

  3. Coordinating ‘lunch and learn’ sessions with customers

  4. Testing and reviewing the service from campus living during school, and over the summer.

Desired skills

Marketing / Promotions
Market Research
Brand Ambassador

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