Kairos Founding Fellowship

Updated on: 11 Jul 2019
Flexible 9 months, 15 hrs/wk
St. Louis, MO, United States

Kairos Founding Fellowship

About Us 

Kairos Academies, St. Louis' first free personalized learning school, empowers students to direct their own lives and learning through 1:1 student coaching, personal technology, a project-based curriculum and restorative justice practices. By leveraging technology and reimagining traditional instruction, Kairos personalizes the learning experience and nurtures student autonomy. Our model develops not just academic knowledge but also the organizational, social, and emotional competencies students need for true agency in our changing economy and society. 

Kairos’ inaugural year begins this fall in Dutchtown, a neighborhood at the intersection of zip codes with the 1st, 2nd, and 4th largest service gaps in St. Louis. Currently, we have an enrollment of 120 sixth-grade students, and we will grow one grade per year to form a 6th-8th grade middle school and 9th-12th grade high school. We expect that, with our unique model, Kairos will be one of the highest performing schools in St. Louis by the end of our first charter term in 2024.

About the Role

Kairos is seeking a Founding Fellow to join our grassroots movement of educators who are rethinking public education for the 21st century. At a minimum, we are looking for a fellow to support Kairos’ lunch service while building relationships with kids and serving as a role model. 

Lunch is a critical part of the Kairos day. For many students, it is essential to meeting their nutritional needs. Further, like all that Kairos does, lunch is used in a non-traditional way that we believe best serves our students. 1:1 check-ins with a personalized coach, healthy food that is largely locally-sourced, and a partnership with St. Louis University allows us to simultaneously further student learning, speak to the importance of nutrition, and reinforce our connections with the St. Louis community and universities. Our Founding Fellow would join in these efforts to rethink lunch. 

In addition to this hands-on work with students, the Founding Fellow will have the unique opportunity to play a larger role in Kairos, taking on a project that is core to our start-up. Past fellows have been charged with digital asset management, grant writing, graphic design, and project coordination. The exact nature of this project would be determined with you upon hiring, considering our most pressing needs and your interests. Serving in this capacity would allow the Fellow to not only develop project management and leadership skills but also to open the door to a full-time role in our 2020-2021 school year. 

This position is paid hourly at a rate that is to be determined upon interview. The Kairos Academies’ Founding Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in teaching, education policy, social work, childcare, nutrition or non-profit organization administration.

To Apply: 

Please submit your resume and a brief cover letter to brittany@kairosacademies.org. Applications will be reviewed and the position will be filled on a rolling basis, so apply early to express strong interest.


  • Available from 10:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. daily

  • ServSafe Certified, or willing to secure ServSafe Certification upon hire

  • Reliable source of transportation to Kairos Academies, located at 2315 Miami Street, St. Louis MO 

  • Positive and self-starter attitude, hard work ethic and strong interest in supporting and contributing to Kairos’ mission

  • Preference given to applicants pursuing an Associates or Bachelor’s degree in the St. Louis area

Desired skills

Customer Service

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