Environmental Science Researcher

Updated on: 02 Jul 2019
Flexible 25 hrs

State of K is a platform for answering empirical questions by gathering all of the studies that examine that question. You can view the site here: stateofk.com. Our goal is to improve public understanding based on the best available science. For this job, we need help improving public understanding about climate change.

We would like to hire a student to gather all of the empirical studies that directly examine the following questions: 

* Has Earth's climate become warmer since the 19th century?

* Are carbon emissions from human activity the cause of the average global temperature increase since the 19th century?

* How much is the average global temperature estimated to rise within the next [X] years due to anthropogenic climate change? [Note: we can discuss how to define X].

* Do carbon cap and trade systems reduce carbon emissions?

Note that we only need the student to gather the TITLES of the relevant studies and not the full text of the studies themselves.


We will have other climate change-related questions later and we welcome student suggestions for other questions.

Students will add the studies on the State of K platform and can use that platform to gather studies, but they can also find studies through any source they find convenient. 

This job can be done entirely online and during whatever hours the student wants. The ideal student (1) studies environmental science, (2) has some kind of background or familiarity with statistics, and (3) has excellent reading comprehension skills.

We will provide more details to interested students via a call and will also provide details on how to use State of K.

Desired skills


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