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Updated on: 19 Aug 2019
20 May 2019 Permanent, 10 hrs/wk Ohio State University (Columbus) Ohio University Ohio Christian University Ohio State University_Lima Ohio University_Chillicothe Ohio Valley University Wilmington College Wright State University
Beavercreek, OH, United States
International students can apply

I am looking for a younger/creative Web Developer that can work with PHP, JSON, API, JS, HTML, website design and plugin design mainly for wordpress and woocommerce sites. I  would per for if you are under the age of 26. But you must be over 18.  I need someone that is knowledgeable with how social media works and also how to build websites and web applications.

 I can pay you by the hour, but keep in mind I am also offering commission  for anything you create for me that makes a profit.  so I am kind of looking for a partnership along side a programmer that can do a few quick designs and web apps/plug-ins for me in the beginning. After you help me get caught up on everything I already have a business based around, then I would like to move forward into creating some new websites, software, and business ventures I couldn’t do without someone like yourself on my team. 

 I can pay you by the hour, or by the job and we would break everything up into little jobs. I want to be able to give you a project and you start on it the same day I give it to you or the next day and have it done ASAP so I can give you the next project. So I am looking for a web developer/programmer that will be  on call.


  • Create PHP and HTML applications.
  • Create custom Wordpress plugins.
  • Create custom  Wordpress Themes.
  • Create new websites and more as we grow together.


  •  Associates Degree in Computer Science or related field (Master’s preferred)
  • 2+ years’ experience in web application development
  • Ability to create support documentation for all new applications
  • Strong teamwork skills and does not need told how to do things, just needs told what to do and you will just do what it takes to get the job do
  • Proven knowledge of the most current security and web development programming languages
  • Have trust into my company/new ideas and be loyal yourself. I will reward you with commissions on 100% of your work. o please be serious when you apply. I am looking for a very long term relationship. 

Desired skills

Website Development
Social Media Marketing
Graphic Design (inc. logo)
Writing / Content Creation
Computer Programming

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