Campus Ambassador

Updated on: 06 Feb 2019
Flexible 30 hrs University of Miami Armstrong State University (GA) California College of the Arts California Institute of Technology California Maritime Academy Jacksonville College (TX) Stanford University
CA, United States
International students can apply

hey, you would have already known the job by its title. Being a brand ambassador, or influencer just means you gotta promote and spread awareness among people about our product / service.


Before going to specifics, let's just brief you about the service we offer. 

we are trying to sell a play app for free for the people around the world. If people are using our app then can do some of the common things like 

    - share crazy and momentary photos, videos, gifs, short clips etc, captured and touched originally by them, or they can share something that's already there on their phones.

    - they can find new people, get in touch with some people who are already in their contact list

    - they get to search what they like or what interests them.

apart from these common social media plays, if you are using our app then you can do a lot more on it.

    - like you can choose what posts stay on network, and what deletes. So in a way you are voting for choosing the best.

    - many more...

as a brand ambassador, your shall be trying to

    - to get to understand the app and develop curiosity and interest towards it ; you will continue only if it is interesting

    - share it among friends through you direct / indirect messaging or chatting channels and ask them to try our app

    - promote our brand and create awareness among users by briefing them about the new features we have through verbal communication on campuses or through your phones (chats)

    - distribute among yourselves and friends the brand merchandise / swag which we shall give you and actively showcase it in public

    - follow up the activities and tasks provided by us, and organise small and short events on campuses to create awareness among student users

    - supervise the activities and growth and them report back daily

-roles and responsibilities 


its already summarized in the job description. you shall responsibly 

consider working towards the growth of the app

bring as many new users as possible by simply chatting with them (try only with people you know directly)



you will be working only for 1 hour a day, it can be any time span you choose, but should be effective

you will get hourly payment for the job

you will get extra payment as commission for luring in more users / friends

you can bring your friends to us to work as a brand ambassador for which you will get commission    

Desired skills

Social Media Marketing
Marketing / Promotions
Brand Ambassador

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