Web Developer - Part time / hourly

Updated on: 31 Jan 2019
Flexible Permanent, 10 hrs/wk

I am looking for a creative Web Developer that can work with me to help fill in the gaps. I'm a professional PHP Web App Developer and I have clients around the country. I have finally reached the point where I am unable to do it all myself. I need to find a student that can be part time, but dedicated and efficient. I'm NOT looking for someone that is NEW to PHP/Javsacript/HTML. I need someone with at least a little experience all around.


  • Be available to help out with projects as they come up.
  • School comes first but I need someone that can put this work second, when I have the need for help (likely to be fairly frequent and will grow in need over this year).
  • Work with various content management systems (NOT Wordpress) to build new modules or plugins as well as occasionally implement designs into working themes.
  • Test and re-test all your work to ensure that it is as bug proof as possible.


  • PHP 5 native/MySQL
  • Javascript, including native and JQuery or other frameworks
  • HTML/CSS, including HTML 5 objects such as video, audio, canvas etc.
  • Clear communication in English, contactable (never just disappear for days/weeks)
  • Flexible - projects will all be different and rarely centered around any one topic, language etc.
  • Experience with Laravel a plus, PyroCMS (3+) a HUGE plus.
  • Amazon Web Services, Google APIs, Social Media APIs all a plus.
  • Github & git functionality a must

Desired skills

Website Development
Computer Programming

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