Marketing Assistant (Copywriting Specialty)

Updated on: 22 Jan 2019
Flexible Permanent, 10 hrs/wk
Remote International students can apply

This role will be my right-hand person helping me by:

> evaluating and research marketing ideas (primarily digital marketing)
> project managing the execution of marketing initiatives,
> and organizing and repurposing marketing content and copy.

You will be coordinating with someone who handles the technology, tracking, and graphic design - so you will not need to do those things unless you want to.

I need someone who is passionate about marketing, lead generation, copywriting, content marketing. Who sees themselves in a marketing career long term.

**I do NOT need any experience or training background in marketing, but someone highly engaged in learning, and a desire to become autonomous quickly. **

My company serves service-based business owners in teaching and coaching them to attract and convert high ticket Soulmate Clients. My mission, and my company’s mission - is helping people express their unique purpose/calling through their work. I believe in this with my team, and my clients.

I am primarily focused on filling my 8 week digital program, the Soulmate Client Academy, with 2-4 clients consistently per month, profitably. My biggest challenge, that you will be supporting me with, is decreasing the cost per client (in both money, and my time), and increasing the consistency, the quality of leads, and number of leads and clients.

I need someone who is available for a minimum of 10hrs/week to start, preferably with some flexibility to increase as the role increases.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions about the role in your cover letter, otherwise - more details will be shared once you fill out the questions, if you are a good fit for the role and the next steps.

Learn more about my company at:, and my program at:


  1. Your current availability - how many hours/week or month do you have right now?
  2. What are your typical working hours? (9am-5pm, 8am-3pm? etc) And what TIME ZONE is that in?
  3. Brief description of your work/education background. What work most energized you about your last role (professional, educational, volunteer, or other)? What work most drained you?
  4. Why are you interested in a career in marketing? What would your ideal role be in marketing in 5-10 years? Describe your dream job.
  5. Do you have a *minimum* number of hours per week or month that you *require* in order to take on an ongoing, long term project?

Desired skills

Social Media Marketing
Marketing / Promotions
Lead Generation

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