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Updated on: 06 Nov 2018
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San Francisco, CA, United States

About Us

Mylk Guys is a vegan grocery startup. Started by a team of x-Instacart & Amazon, we are on a mission to make it absurdly easy to be vegan. We are a unique intersection of consumer brand, technology and food to address one of the most urgent and critical challenges of our time - sustainability through food.  We are looking to work with the smartest and hardworking people to work on this challenge.  We are backed by Y-Combinator and the top Silicon Valley Investors. 

Team Values

1. Transparency

2. Empower people to make better decisions

3. Serve the planet and it's inhabitants

4. We are all in this together.

5. Stand behind what we sell


There is an increasing need for transparency in the food system. For a grocery food product, this is in the form of Ingredient related information and supply chain. Working backwards from what the customer wants - we want  to add significant data to every product we carry on our store. E.g. Popular tags like gluten-free, nut-free ,keto-friendly to less frequently used tags like zero-waste, sibo-friendly (look it up). 

Our catalog team focuses on providing the most transparency to customers by making these tags, images, nutritional information, ingredients (and other product data) available to customers. 

Job Description 

We are looking for someone to join the Catalog team and help create the data described above in our systems. As you progress, you'll also be responsible for understanding what attributes we should work on (by researching the market & learning from customers). This can be a part-time role (great for a college student), full-time internship, or a new grad job (contract -> full time hire).

- This is not a easy job, we expect a lot from everyone on the team. However, this is an incredibly fulfilling job - you'll be making a difference in a lot of people's lives who can't access this wide and unique selection of vegan food at their regular grocery store. 

- we believe in ownership and support learning by doing (aka we give the space and time needed to make mistakes to learn)

- we are looking for someone who is hungry and thinks of themselves as a doer. We value speed balanced with quality. 

- this is an incredible learning opportunity and a way to get start-up experience

- we'll support you find your next thing or better, you'll end up joining the team full time

- 50% of this role is data entry

P.S. we are also looking for content writers, operations and marketing interns/new grads. Since we are a start-up, if you are a solid generalist or excited about working at a grocery/consumer startup - reach out and we can figure a role out for the right person. 

Desired skills

Social Media Marketing
Excel / Data Entry

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