Egg and Sperm Donors Earn up to $20,000!

Updated on: 17 Oct 2018
Flexible 1 months, 3 hrs/wk

Seeking for healthy and educated people to be an Egg or Sperm Donor. 

Compensation up to $20,000 a cycle for Egg donors.

Compensation up to $5,000 for Sperm Donors.

Do you have a healthy life-style?

Are you between 21-28 years old?

Are you a non-smoker?

Do you meet height and weight criteria (BMI < 27)?

Have you attended High school, Colleges or a Trade School?

If your answers are all "YES" CONGRATULATIONS! You are one step closer to becoming a Donor :D!

Let me briefly introduce ENCI Egg Bank. We are a clinics located in Thousand Oaks (North Los Angeles) and Santa Monica! We have been helping individuals and couples with fertility care for almost 20 years. Donating is a gift of love and hope! We’d like to take this time to invite you to open your heart and share this gift with those whose dream is to build a family. If you'd like to participate in this amazing journey, please contact us as we have intended parents patiently waiting for your arrival.

A few advantages for donating to ENCI Egg Bank:

One of the leading fertility programs in the U.S.

Help a family achieve their dream

Extra income for full time students and full/part time workers

Personal stylist and photographer

Donors of all ethnicities are needed

If selected, compensation for travel, food and stay are included

*Egg donation process does NOT cause infertility

 *The process should not be painful and you can be back to daily life in 3-5 days

 * All expenses are paid - travel within the U.S. or remain local

 *It’s a good opportunity to know more about your own fertility and yourself


Call/txt: 805-358-9255



Leave your name and phone number and we would be happy to give you more information about our program!


  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow all procedural instructions required by the process


  • Ability to pass a background check and drug screening
  • Minimum of a high school education required

Desired skills


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