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Updated on: 29 Nov 2018
30 Sep 2018 3 months, 10 hrs/wk
United States

HowUdish is a healthy dish discovery social network available on the iPhone which recommends restaurant dishes most likely to fit within one's stated eating lifestyle.  Whether you're vegan, low-carb, balanced, gluten-free, etc., HowUdish helps you find the dish that's fit for you.

HowUdish has launched its Sponsored Dish initiative (info at, whereby restaurants will have the ability to promote their dishes in-app to our users for a low monthly payment.  These dishes would appear at the top of the user's view upon opening HowUdish.  Restaurants also would then offer a discount off the bill for any users who go to that restaurant and order that Sponsored Dish.

Your job is to go door to door to restaurants in your area and meet with decision makers to get them to sponsor their dishes in HowUdish.  As a salesperson, you would demonstrate the app and benefits of having the restaurant partners with us.  Dishes that are sponsored would need photos, so you'd be expected to take images of these dishes as well as begin the contract/setup process.

Must have:
- an iPhone to demonstrate the app to local restaurants
- cold walking/door-to-door in person sales experience.

Ideal candidate would be:
- driven and a self starter
- comfortable with going to nearby restaurants to show the app and get buy-in
- thorough and organized
- meticulous at following up
- willing to come up with ideas to improve the pitch.

Health conscious is a plus!

This would be a long-term project as this is the primary source of revenue generation for HowUdish in the foreseeable future.  You effectively can go to any restaurant near where you live and make the pitch.  A script would be provided, but it is important you have a deep understanding of HowUdish to be able to adjust your conversations on the fly.

This will primarily be structured as a low hourly with high commission.  Sponsored Dishes cost a restaurant $10/dish/month.  For every Sponsored Dish you get that is paid for and appear in-app, you would receive the full $10/dish for three months (so long as the restaurant continues to pay for the Sponsored Dish to appear in-app).  This can be a good side hustle job that can result in meaningful bonus money for relatively little time and effort.

For more information on HowUdish, please visit 

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