Content creator

Updated on: 14 Sep 2018
23 Sep 2018 1 months, 3 hrs/wk
Remote International students can apply

Hi, we are looking for * American students only*  to create content on a new social medial platform!

The platform is aimed at gathering people around their passions and common interests. It works the same way an instant messaging group chat between friends would.

Your mission is to create a group about a topic of your choosing. It can be about a celebrity, a video game you like, a movie, or literally anything! These are just suggestions but feel free to write about what you are passionate about.

We expect from you to bring as many friends as possible onto the platform and interact with them at least twice a day for about 5-10 mins. Nonetheless, if you enjoy spending time on the platform feel free to post as much content as you want!

Desired skills

Writing / Content Creation

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