YouTube channel video producer

Updated on: 10 Aug 2018
Flexible Permanent, 25 hrs/wk
Oceanside, CA, United States

Searching for a talented, creative, and reliable person to produce videos for our family Youtube channel.

Job Description:

We will brainstorm with you on the concept for the video and you will be responsible for the following:

-purchasing necessary supplies (we will provide the funds in advance for this)

-filming the video (most of the time at our house in North County San Diego)

-uploading raw footage to Google Drive

-sending instructions to video editor

-reviewing video and defining any needed edits 

-uploading final video to Youtube so it can go live by the scheduled time

-uploading final video to Facebook

-writing video description with relevant keywords and tags

-creating a compelling thumbnail 

We will provide the video equipment, the talent for the videos (our family), the location, the video editor (at our expense), the funds for any needed supplies, and some of the concepts for the videos.

Our goal is to produce 5 videos per week. Filming for all 5 videos can be done in 1 or 2 days.

Each video will be approximately 20 minutes in length.

Videos will be a combination of challenges, vlogs, and other fun concepts.


Must be EXTREMELY reliable and able to meet deadlines every single time. We can only work with someone that does what they say they will exceptions or excuses. This is a business for us and we need the person we are working with to treat it that way.

Must be TALENTED, CREATIVE and FUN. This is for a family channel and the videos need to be fun to watch.

Fast Internet Connection is needed for all the video uploading and downloading.

Must have good transportation and able to come to our filming location. Must also be able to pick up necessary supplies where they are sold.

Must have some filming skills.

Must be DISCREET. We need to be able to trust you!

Must be flexible in your schedule. We have a busy travel schedule and other commitments that you will need to work around.

This is an independent contractor position and we will pay per video completed. The rate is based on ability and experience.

Hard Worker. It may sound easy on the surface, but this is a good amount of work to do it right.

We want to work with someone for the long term!

We are a lot of fun and easy to work with as long as you do a great job and get things done on time.

Does this sound like a great fit for you? If so, email us why you believe you are the perfect person to get this job done.

Don't wait! We need to get this started right away!!

Desired skills

Writing / Content Creation

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