Software Developer

Updated on: 07 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 100 hrs
Remote International students can apply

Looking for an app developer or computer science major to develop a p2p  buying and selling app with the following features;

Splalsh screen.
*Signup screen
-last name
-Email address
-Sneaker Size

Signup button

*Login screen
-Email address
-Login button

Home Screen
-Most popular

Drawer Screen
-My portfolio
-My profile
-Rate & review


-Current Bids
-Bid Hstory


Currently listed
user will see details of currently listed items and can bid with specific amounts.

User will update their image, see how many sales happen. and see transaction fee.
under profile user will see items user is selling and how many bids he/she placed.

user can follow other sellers and see  what they are selling. will show total followes for particular seller.

User can update card info for payment.

*Push Notifications setting
-Bid accepted

seller shipped product
news and promotion

-Privacy policy

terms and conditions


NDA will be required

Can provide examples of if needed

Desired skills

Website Development
Computer Programming

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