Art/Design or Computer science expert

Updated on: 09 Apr 2018
Flexible 1 months, 3 hrs/wk
Remote International students can apply


I need a student (from art/design or computer programming) from a reputable university to share their college projects on my website -

I am basically collecting all top projects from different schools (in different fields) and posting them in my personal social network, so everyone can learn by collaborating.

If you have any good art or coding project you did in any of your college course, then please e-mail them to me. I will promote your projects in my social network, youtube channel and facebook page.  I will pay $30 fer project and this is a very good way to advertise your ideas and college projects.

Here is a sample project from my website:

Desired skills

Website Development
Graphic Design (inc. logo)
Computer Programming
Powerpoint Projects
Videography / Photography, inc. editing
Adobe Design Suite
Visual Art

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