Marketing Intern

Updated on: 26 Jul 2019
Flexible 1 weeks, 5 hrs/wk
Remote International students can apply

This description is a FREELANCE PROJECT.

Start-up company (founders are repeat entrepreneurs, with one being a 2007 graduate Jones Scholar from Rice's Jones School) seeking someone proficient with Google AdWord Planner.

The task will involve taking selected markets (will be given) from the US Census Bureau MSA definitions, translating them into Google AdWord Planner DMA or "City" definitions, and creating a simple spreadsheet that includes the number of searches per market, per month for given search words.

The current founder team has no experience or skill set related to Google AdWords and is also seeking someone to provide a level of consultation to the process if what has been pre-determined is not the best approach.

The business is setting up a pilot launch (financed with founder's capital) that will serve as the basis for raising venture capital.  An engaging intern will be offered opportunities for further/ongoing work (not a "one and done").

Compensation negotiable and dependent upon candidate.

Desired skills

Marketing / Promotions
Market Research

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