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Updated on: 09 Dec 2017
Flexible 150 hrs
Remote International students can apply

We need a new build of our application and database. Our current software is a poorly designed PHP/MySQL combination.

This new application must be lightning-fast, scalable, and possibly customizable (to the degree it reasonably can be) as we may expand the data sets it handles in the future.

We are looking at this configuration (but are open to suggestions):


1) Database: Oracle

2) API Layer: Oracle Apex

3) Front End Application: Oracle Apex with PL/SQL

Hospitals send us balances to collect from patients. We receive these balances once per month on spreadsheets, along with other associated patient data. The application combines each patient’s balances (with multiple balances for that given month) into one balance, making it less expensive for hospitals to use our service, and easier for each patient to budget for and manage what they owe.

The software then produces spreadsheets with these balances (once combined). We also upload our assigned numbers to these combined balances, as well as weekly payment data and status updates.

The application also provides multiple reporting functions, based on data uploaded from a hospital’s monthly and weekly spreadsheets, plus the additional data we subsequently upload.

We will have 3 UI’s. Our ‘supervisory’ back-end access, and two hospital level UI’s (clerical and admin). The hospital admin UI will have options for basic and advanced reporting criteria. These UI’s have security checks limiting access.

We’ll need to have a permission assignment hierarchy functionality, as we anticipate serving hospital chains in the future, which will need assignable access for reporting permissions.

Here are some rudimentary wireframes of the hospital UI’s (including all hospital admin options):

Clerical Hospital Administration UI wireframe:

Basic Hospital Administration UI wireframe:

Adv Hospital Admin UI (collapsed) wireframe:

Adv Hosp Admin UI (fully-expanded) wireframe:

A full project description, test account access to our current configuration, and video explanations are available.

Thank you,


Desired skills

Website Development
Computer Programming

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