Civic Tech Fellowship

Updated on: 17 Nov 2017
Flexible 1 months, 10 hrs/wk Columbia University NYU Northeastern University Duke University UMass Amherst Boston College Boston University Harvard University Cornell University Brown University Dartmouth Penn (Univ of Pennsylvania) Emerson Johns Hopkins Babson College Princeton Swarthmore MIT Yale Middlebury Brandeis Trinity College (CT) Emory University Syracuse University University of Oregon George Washington University Vanderbilt University Skidmore College University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) Penn State University (Main Campus) University of Maryland (College Park) Florida State University Ithaca College University of Wisconsin (Madison) SUNY Albany University of Chicago University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) American University Tulane Ohio State University (Columbus) Bucknell University of Washington (Seattle) Northwestern Rice University Indiana University (Bloomington) Dickinson College University of Miami University of Nebraska (Lincoln) University of Texas (Austin) University of Southern California George Mason Florida International University University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (main campus) Auburn University Baylor University Beloit College Brigham Young University Berkeley (UC) California Institute of Technology Carleton College Central Texas (Tex A&M) Chapman University (CA) City College (CUNY) Claremont McKenna College Colgate University College of William and Mary Colorado School of Mines Colorado State University Davidson College Franklin & Marshall College Georgetown University Gettysburg College Gonzaga University Haverford College Howard University Iowa State University Loyola Marymount University LSU-Baton Rouge Macalester College Oberlin College Omaha (U of Nebraska) Oregon State University Pepperdine University Pomona College Purdue University Tex A&M College Station UCLA UMass-Amherst Univ of Colorado-Boulder Univ of Colorado-Denver University of Arizona University of Central Florida University of Cincinnati University of Delaware University of Denver University of Florida University of Georgia University of Houston University of Virginia Urbana-Champaign (Univ of IL) Vassar College Wake Forest University The College of William and Mary New York University
Remote International students can apply

About Voatz

Voatz is a premier mobile voting and election platform that enables citizens to vote in all kinds of elections and voting events via a smartphone. Past attempts at internet based voting have failed due to fundamental concerns around security, auditability, and voter anonymity. Voatz is secured by smart biometrics, real time ID verification, and the blockchain, which allows for greater transparency and auditability, and makes Voatz highly resistant to fraud and attacks.

Our goal is to streamline voting processes and election administration while increasing voter turnout and community engagement.

About the Civic Tech Fellowship

Voatz is looking to hire highly motivated and qualified students across the country as Civic Tech Fellows. The fellowship provides an opportunity to work at the intersection of technological and political progress within your own campus and local community. Students who are deeply engaged within their school community are encouraged to apply, and technical experience is not required.


  • 1) Research and report on university student government structures and voting platforms. 
  • 2) Communicate the Voatz platform to influencers and/ decision makers within student government as well as the corresponding administrative contacts (via meetings and group presentations).
  • 3) Content creation: Create one or more media products (articles, blogs, videos, etc.) tied to campus community, students, blockchain, voting, or Voatz.

  • 4) General interest and promotion: host Voatz demos or info sessions, or present at other campus clubs that would have overlapping interest in politics, technology, etc.

  • 5) Source other schools that may be a good fit for the Voatz platform within the region via warm introductions and student network.

  • 6) Every applicant has her or his own strengths and passions; how can you help our mission?

Compensation / Return

The Civic Tech Fellowship provides students with tangible work experience in Sales, Marketing, and Market Research for a venture-backed, award winning startup. Fellows will gain access to a strong, nation-wide network, along with priority application status for full-time Voatz summer internship positions.

Saving the best for last, Civic Tech Fellows will be awarded a semesterly stipend and sales incentives.

Desired skills

Event Help
Brand Ambassador

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