Summer Camp Counselor

Updated on: 01 Nov 2017
19 Jun 2018 150 hrs
11 Academy Lane, Bridgton, ME 04057, United States
International students can apply

At Bridgton Sports Camp, we believe that a camp is only as good as it’s staff. This is a slogan we live by and spend all winter interviewing and hiring morally and ethically sound people to work at camp.

Our boys range from ages 8-15 years old. In a jam packed 3 week session, campers will “major” in the sport of their choice at our state-of-the-art facility, while experiencing everything a traditional camp has to offer. While it is important that these kids improve in their sport, the life skills learned at camp are equally, if not more valuable. These experiences off the field will remain with a child for their entire life. They will enable them to grow and mature into young men as well as help them prepare for their future.

Growing up, we have all had incredible role models who have helped us become the individuals we are today. Every child deserves this same opportunity, and as s a BSC Staff member, this will be your chance to give back and to enrich the lives of our campers. You will maximize their potential while reaching your own.

Not only will you develop a strong relationship with campers, you will be surrounded by people with similar values and priorities; people who enjoy sports and find fulfillment working with children. We view our staff as one cohesive unit looking to achieve the same goal.

This job will be unlike anything else you have experienced. Many people say that it will be the hardest job you will ever have, but also the most rewarding.

Our camp is nestled in the western foothills of Maine on Long Lake. We are 3 hours north of Boston.

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