Writing ACT test science questions

Updated on: 11 Jun 2018
Flexible 2 months, 20 hrs/wk

We're creating and ACT/SAT app (ScoresUP--there's a lite version already in the itunes store:


We need to write many more questions for the full version, specifically science questions. <-- this is where you come in. 

You'll find non-copyrighted experiments or make up your own. Then, you'd write questions similar to those in past ACTs (we'll give you a tons of old ACTs as a reference.) 

You'll need to have scored well ACT and have a little bit of graphic design experience or know how to use inDesign (as you'll need to make the graphs and figures). 

To start, we'll screen share of meet in person (if you're in NYC) and I'll walk you through the process you're supposed to follow and give you both the required software and info. Then, we'll give you a 3 hour trial. In three hours, you should be able to get at least one passage done. 

When this is all done, we'll go over the passage together and come up with a plan for the coming weeks and months. We need to have about 150-200 science questions. 

The pay is $15/hour. 

Shoot me a resume if you're interested. 

Desired skills

Graphic Design (inc. logo)
Excel / Data Entry

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