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Updated on: 31 Aug 2017
Flexible Permanent, 20 hrs/wk
Remote International students can apply

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As a leading e-learning and cultural exchange platform, Pop On connects language learners with native English speakers around the world within minutes.
We are currently recruiting English native speakers, tutors and language partners to carry out real-time conversations with students on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Would you like to make extra income in your spare time and gain teaching experience from home?

- Flexible 15-Mins long tutor sessions
- Set your own salary (Between $1 - $60 per hour)
- Create lasting friendships on our social platform
- Gain teaching experienceWork from home

- Native or proficient English speakers
- Able to engage students in conversation
- Must have a smart phone (Android or IOS) device
- No experience required

How to become a tutor in 3 simple steps:

    Ready to get started? Go to the app store and download “Pop On” onto your smart phone
    iOS: Google Play: .

       First 4 step of sign up and onboarding. There are more steps following this.
       Complete the registration by using your phone number or e-mail address and follow the step-by-
       step guide. Please note, the sign-up and onboarding process is designed for language learners
      (your potential students). So you need sign up as you were a Chinese language learner. Then
       apply to become Chat Pal and Tutor.

   3.  APPLY


    Submit your tutor application by going to Personal Settings and clicking the “ChatPal/Tutor option”.

    Learn more about Pop On at  .  

    We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, talk to us at . 

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